Anonymous wondered:
If you don't mind me asking...what is your Glee blog? I would love to follow it!

i’m sorry angel but i don’t wanna publish the url on here, if you wanna come off anon, i’d love to tell you :)

another psa about my absence and the extended nature of it and an apology that no one will care about

hi muffins and friends and friends of muffins i’m not dead or gone just busy and such and such

i love you all tho



I love my shishter!!!!

I love my bruvver!!!!

i’m in love with you both honestly 


I brightened it a little so you could properly see his expression, but this is the moment where I started crying.


I can’t get over how small Blaine looked in the choir room. 

Blaine is the brave one. The caring and the selfless one. The heroic one in and out of his nightbird costume. The leader of the group.

But deep down.. Blaine is still just a terrified teenage boy. Scared for himself and for everyone..

and I just..




what if that night blaine stayed up with his parents he and his dad had a heart to heart moment and he told blaine that he didnt build that car to make him straight he loves his son no matter what


So many people are on the “Glee sucks”, “I hate Glee”, “Glee is a shitty show”, bandwagon lately, and it makes me so sad. Like legitimately every time I see a post like that it hurts my heart because I love Glee, I’ve always loved Glee, and I always will love Glee, no matter the shit people might heap on it. It would completely devastate me if Glee were cancelled anytime soon. It’s given me a lot. It’s given me friends that care about me and gotten me through a lot of hard things the last few years - People probably think that’s stupid or not possible because it’s just a TV show, but at the end of the day, it’s changed my life more than most people have.